Ironbound Container yard

Trucking Services:

Ironbound Express Inc. is a reputable container trucking company based in Newark NJ, in close proximity to all NJ/NY ports and rails. We provide service to the lower 48 states with our main markets being the northeast region. We have fleet of over 100 owner operators we work with to meet your demands on local and long haul shipments, as well as any port to port moves. All drivers have TWIC/Sealink cards to access all port and rails so no matter where your shipments are going we can cover them. We pride ourselves on service and communication as this has always been our clients #1 concern. We are constantly in contact with our fleet to assure on time deliveries or reporting problems in real time so we can resolve most efficiently to avoid any delays to clients. We offer competitive rates while not sacrificing service; we always treat all customers involved in shipments with respect and honesty. As we believe a good business relation is what has kept Ironbound Express one of the top trucking companies in the area.

Our Services:

  • Competitive rates without compromised service
  • High On Time delivery percentage
  • Handle your shipments from checking availability to providing POD’s or Tir’s when completed and everything in between.
  • Shipments on average move within 48hrs of discharging off vessel
  • All drivers TWIC/Sealink approved
  • Bonded Carrier
  • Cargo Liability up to $100,000
  • Hazmat capability
  • Overweight capability in NJ
  • Access to specialized chassis Tri Axles & Flatbeds
  • Special Reporting upon request
  • Access to documentation within 48hrs of movement