Trucking Services:

Ironbound Express, Inc. is a reputable container trucking company based out of Newark NJ, in close proximity to all NJ/NY ports and rails. We provide service to the lower 48 states with out main markets being the northeast region. Express has a fleet of over 100 owner operators that we work with to meet your demands. We pride ourselves on service and communication as this has always been our clients #1 concern. We offer competitive rates while not sacrificing service; we always treat all customers involved in shipments with respect and honesty. As we believe a good business relation is what has kept Ironbound Express, Inc one of the top trucking companies in the area.

Our Services

  • Competitive rates without compromised service
  • High on Time delivery percentage
  • Handle your shipments from checking availability to providing POD's or Tir's when completed and everything in-between
  • Shipments on average move within 48hrs of discharging off vessel
  • All drivers TWIC/Sealink approved
  • Bonded Carrier
  • Cargo Liability up to $100,000
  • Hazmat capability
  • Overweight capability in NJ
  • Access to specialized chassis Tri Axles & Flatbeds
  • Special Reporting upon request
  • Access to documentation within 48hrs of movement